Roll Grinding

Chrome Deposit Corporation precision roll grinding is the best way to recondition your rolls to your specifications within extremely close tolerances. Chrome Deposit Corporation plants are equipped with a range of grinders capable of producing flat, CVC, parabolic and concave body shapes on rolls up to 240 inches in length and 36 inches in diameter.

Get more life out of your work rolls with Chrome Deposit Corporation precision roll grinding. With years of training and job experience, Chrome Deposit Corporation technicians have the advanced skills to restore your rolls to their original performance standards for roundness and surface quality. We use Sarclad and Herkules inspection systems to detect cracks, bruises and sub-surface flaws. Our combination of operator know-how and precision grinding equipment ensures the best quality and extended service life in your refurbished rolls.

Roll grinding is available at the following Chrome Deposit Corporation locations:

Akron, Ohio

Columbus, Mississippi

Monroe, Ohio

Portage, Indiana