Chrome Deposit Corporation provides superior work roll reconditioning and maintenance services to the steel and aluminum rolling industries. From grinding and chrome plating to EDT and more, Chrome Deposit Corporation brings customers a new level of productivity, cost-savings, consistency and high-quality output. Contact us for more information or to get a free quote.

Chrome Plating

Keep your roll in-mill two to three times longer with chrome plating. Chrome Deposit Corporation specializes in chrome plating with 30-plus years of experience.  Our chrome plating capabilities meet even the toughest requirements for increased surface hardness and extended service life.

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Roll Grinding

Chrome Deposit Corporation precision roll grinding is the best way to recondition your rolls to OEM specifications within extremely close tolerances. Chrome Deposit Corporation plants are equipped with a range of grinders capable of producing flat, CVC, parabolic and concave body shapes.

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EDT Texturing

Chrome Deposit Corporation’s parent company Court Holdings Limited was the original pioneer of EDT Electro Discharge Texturing technology. Today, Chrome Deposit Corporation is well equipped to deliver a wide range of textures to meet your rolling needs. Save money and reduce down time while sending quality and productivity through the roof with EDT.

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Bearing & Chock Inspection & Maintenance

Chrome Deposit Corporation provides expert bearing inspection and chock maintenance services to keep your rolling mills online and productive. Our skilled technicians can conduct regularly scheduled preventive inspections or investigate areas of concern. Chrome Deposit Corporation’s handy inspection report advises you of recommended maintenance procedures or repairs along the way.

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Chrome Deposit Corporation offers roll transportation services at many of our sites for your convenience and a quicker turnaround. Rather than a third-party carrier, our responsive transportation is available with qualified CDL Class 1 certified drivers and rigs equipped to handle work rolls safely.

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In addition to chrome plating, EDT, and grinding, select Chrome Deposit Corporation locations are offering other services.  Please refer to Services Other for a complete list.

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