About Chrome Deposit

Family owned and operated since 1982, Chrome Deposit Corporation is a world leader in mill roll resurfacing technologies. We take pride in keeping North America’s mills rolling strong!


Formed as a joint venture of US Steel and Court Holdings Limited, Chrome Deposit Corporation’s main goal has always been to serve the steel industry with knowledge, innovation and teamwork. As pioneers in chrome plating and EDT technologies, Chrome Deposit Corporation remains at the cutting edge of the steel rolling industry. But there is much more to Chrome Deposit Corp’s success than cold, hard steel. Our company’s core values are what define us and keep Chrome Deposit Corporation going strong, year after year.

Environmental Responsibility

At Chrome Deposit Corp we don’t just meet our environmental obligations, we exceed them. We constantly strive to do things better, whether it’s saving water or using less electricity. As parents and grandparents we understand that the environment we create today is our children’s to inherit for a lifetime.

Ethical Business Practices

We want Chrome Deposit Corp to be seen as honest, trustworthy, principled and respectful. We earn our business because of the value we provide and our accountability to results, not because of the promise of favors or simply because we’ve worked with you before. We let the quality of our service speak for itself, representing the best of what Chrome Deposit Corp has to offer.

Foster Value-Added Relationships

Chrome Deposit Corp strives to create a “WIN-WIN” relationship in our dealings with customers. Yes, we are in business to make money, but we also want our customers to see the value of the relationship. We take the time to turn business relationships into ongoing partnerships that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

Take the Lead in Technology and Innovation

Our customer’s problems are our problems to solve. At Chrome Deposit Corp we have an entire department dedicated to solving problems and furthering innovation. It’s our goal to supply customers with workable solutions. We realize that when our customers succeed, we all succeed.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Customers of Chrome Deposit Corp benefit from the added value of a worldwide network of companies with a wide-ranging and historical perspective on the steel rolling industry, products and services required by the rolling industries. Thanks to Chrome Deposit Corp’s focus on technology and innovation, our customers enjoy an advantage that our competitors simply don’t bring to the table.

Maintaining a Small Company Mindset

With six locations in major industry centers throughout North America, it’s hard to believe Chrome Deposit Corp could operate like a small company. But it’s our small company mindset that creates a culture of efficiency and adaptability that just can’t be matched by a large corporate entity. With each plant manager responsible for their location’s operation, there is a freedom to come up with new ideas, try them out, and report on the success or failure. This gives Chrome Deposit Corp a fresh, boots-on-the-ground perspective for getting the job done.


The Chrome Deposit Corp team has the hands-on expertise, institutional knowledge and wide-ranging skill-sets to handle all your roll resurfacing and maintenance needs. Find out more by visiting Court Holdings.