Bearing & Chock Inspection & Maintenance

Chrome Deposit Corporation provides expert bearing and chock inspection and maintenance services to keep your rolling mills online and productive. Our skilled technicians can conduct regularly scheduled preventive bearing and chock inspection, investigate areas of concern or perform needed maintenance. Chrome Deposit Corporation’s handy bearing and chock inspection report advises you of recommended maintenance procedures or repairs along the way.


Minor repairs, cleaning and reassembly can be done on site. More extensive chock maintenance and reconditioning is done at a Chrome Deposit Corporation facility, where the chock can be welded, resurfaced and precision machined to original condition and tolerances. All chock maintenance is provided by Chrome Deposit Corporation bearing specialists with training and experience in remanufacturing process roll bearings.


Based on findings from the rebuild process, Chrome Deposit Corporation may suggest maintenance procedures to extend service life and prevent damage from operating, lubrication or environmental factors.

Bearing and Chock Inspection and Maintenance is available at the following Chrome Deposit Corporation locations:

Columbus, Mississippi

Monroe, Ohio

Portage, Indiana