Chrome Plating

Keep your roll in-mill two to three times longer with chrome plating. Chrome Deposit Corporation has 30-plus years of experience in chrome plating, specializing in steel and aluminum mill work rolls. Our chrome plating capabilities meet even the toughest requirements for increased surface hardness, extended service life, corrosion resistance, surface contour or texturing.

Chrome Deposit Corporation works to tight tolerances on rolls up to 12 feet in length and 40 inches in diameter. Certified to all applicable ISO standards, our chrome plating process is accurate, reliable and repeatable. Our skilled operators maintain tight process parameters during chrome plating operations to achieve the hardness and surface properties required for your application.


Chrome Deposit Corporation superior chrome plating services are designed to extend the life of your rolls, reduce maintenance downtime and improve the productivity of your operation. We constantly stay up to date on the latest technologies so your work rolls can cost-effectively deliver the best performance and service life possible.


Our facilities specialize in industrial chrome plating. We do not offer decorative chrome plating (e.g. car or motorcycle parts).

Chrome plating is available at the following Chrome Deposit Corporation locations:

Akron, Ohio

Berkeley, South Carolina

Columbus, Mississippi


Monroe, Ohio

Pittsburg, California

Portage, Indiana